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Subject: selva, job undertaken and after life
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there was a time when everybody had their own time to spend and do
their duty to be paid for what they wished to do and got away with
their salary or wages but here comes the time to be paid according to
the nature of environmental condition and owing to the cause of duty
and the nature of person involved with it and so goes the story of a
young man devoting his times to be alone and kept his third eye(ESP)
open all the day(24/7) and here comes the time for him to realize the
days left in the long span of time in his life so that he goes on
doing his duty and duty alone that means the hard-working people even
do not realize the fact that the time spent in the hot of the hour ie
the need for time and there goes the story of the young man wanting to
be alone and makes his food for the justice of the call for duty and
makes his way home even in the middle of a job unfinished and
unrealistic about the on-going event and many more ,,,,,
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